Monday 30 November 2015

Stamp with anything but a stamp

Hello Everyone,

Today we start a new challenge week. Our challenge this week is:

Stamp with anything BUT a stamp.
What!! Yup!! Stamping does not necessarily mean you have to use a rubber stamp. As many of you know, everyday items can become stamps. Some examples may be a sponge, rubber bands, tape, an eraser, the list goes on and on. Just look around and see what objects would make good stamps. You also don't even need to use ink.. Use paint, bleach, water, the sun!! Anything is up for grabs! But most of all have fun.. 

Our design team did a great job at this challenge. Here is some inspiration to get you going.. Enjoy!!

I used acrylic paint and the bottom of the bottle for the circles. I also overheated the paint to get some great texture.

Bubble wrap and a child's hand.

I used bubble wrap painted with Distress Inks
The green circles were created with the top of a pen.

I made apples in the tree with the end of a pencil.

Flowers stamped with end of a celery stalk, then details added with marker.

I used several different sizes of bottle cap and no stamping was definitely
a challenge for me!


  1. Please tell me, if digitally is not wanted! But be sure, I have a lot of fun with your memes! P.

    1. We don't want to see a digital stamp. The idea is for you to create an image improvising, to use an everyday item to actually stamp an image. Hope this helps. Caz DT.